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        --- 2000L Craft beer brewing equipment in Chengdu China
Part 1:
Why this craft brewery equipment install in Chengdu
This 2000liter microbrewery system is built in 2013 for Chengdu City. Chengdu is one of the most important economic, financial, commercial, cultural, transportation, and communication centers in Western China. Chengdu City is not so noisy as some other big cities in China. People in Chengdu would like to spend more time for relaxation and enjoy high quality life. Craft beer is easy to meet people’s need.

Part 2:
What is the brewhouse configuration this 2000liter microbrewery equipment?
This system is installed in an independent microbrewery which is really not common in China because of the alcohol limit by the law. The brewhouse is combined by two tanks. The mash/lauter tun and whirlpool tun is combined into one tank. Wort can naturally flow down to the whirlpool tun which as a buffer tank and can also be pumped to boiling kettle by pump.

Part 3:
What beer fermentation tanks is it in this system.
Fermentation tanks are designed with 90 degree cone considering the transportation in China. Top manhole is preferred for fermenters. Other configurations like the sample valve, beer racking arm etc are far away from the nowday fermentors as the standard improve.

Part 4:
Final testing is done before delivery.
The whole brewery system is finished and tested at our factory yard. After the testing and cleaning, we should pack all tanks and transport it to Chengdu City which is 1600 kms from Jinan city.

It takes one week to finish the installation including brewery electric works, piping works, final commissioning works. The installed brewery system is waiting for the first brewing.

Tiantai company would like to work together with all brew masters to design your special microbrewery system. We will share with you the most advanced idea.  

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