Little Island Brewery in Asia--1000l brewery in Singapore

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Little Island Brewery in Singapore, Asia

Ours first brewery project install in Singapore.
Our first brewery project with top flat manway.
Little Island Brewery opens in 2014, in Singapore. Singapore is a very very beautiful and flourishing island. It gathers people and cultures from all over the world. And it is also a good place for enjoying beer as there is no winter.
Little Island Brewery brews mainly UK styles beers. Their master brewer Steve is from UK, he is very experienced in beer brewing, and he is also a very nice dancer---walking with a happy dancing steps, and bringing his happy into beer.
Steve boils with really a lot of hops, so the kettle also has a filter plate inside. They skips the whirlpool step. They fermenter with top fermented yeast, so all the fermenters are with flat top that can not bear the pressure. The beer is transferred from top fermenters to brite tanks for maturing via a pump.
Grain Milling Unit 1unit
Brewhouse Unit
[1000L KWT+1500L HLT] 1unit
4x1000L Fermentation tanks with flat top
5x1000L Bright Tank Unit
Glycol Chilling Unit
Controling Unit
Portable CIP Unit

Flat top fermenter


Grain storage room

Little Island Brewery boils with a lot of hops

Adding yeast from top of the fermenter

:) Like this photo

Cheers together!

Welcome to taste beer in Little Island Brewery. He is in Singapore.


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