10 HL Microbrewery is ready to brew in South Australia

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10 HL Microbrewery is ready to brew in South Australia

We often say, “Brewing is an Art”. How to get great artistic work? Having a practical microbrewery equipment becomes very essential.

Recently, we just installed a set 1000L microbrewery in South Australia. It must be a good reference for building your own brewery. Let us check their design together.

1.Two vessel brewhouse with HLT in Triangle
It is classical two vessel brewhouse, 10 HL Mash/lauter tun and 10 HL Kettle/whirlpool tun with 20 HL hot liquor tank. Such structure can support to brew 1-2 batches per day.

As you can see, these three tanks are placed in Triangle. It is because of limited floor area, which is not able to allow all of brewhouse tanks in a row. Triangle design can compact these three tanks as much as possible. And the brewmaster can reach all of tanks when standing on working platform, really convenient.

1000L Microbrewery in Australia

2.Stacked fermenter and brite tank
Brewing building is high enough but floor area is limited. How to proceed? Why not try stacking fermenter and brite tank like this brewery? It can help you make full use of all of space. At this point, you might recommend one bigger and higher tank instead of stacked two smaller and shorter tanks. Surely, that is workable from layout. But, you still need to have one more concern about brewhouse. As we just mentioned, two vessel brewhouse allows to brew 1 or 2 batches per day. That is to say, the fermenter capacity is suggested to be 1000L or 2000L since each fermneter had better be filled within 24 hours so as not to affect flavor.

Australia 1000L Fermenter and Brite Tank

Hope our sharing can bring some new ideas to your brewery design. If you have any comments or different ideas, feel free to contact me. I do look forward to talking with you. Together, make it better. :)

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