10 HL craft brewery equipment ready for delivery

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10 HL craft brewery equipment ready for delivery
Hello everyone! Let me guess.. You may quite busy recently due to Christmas and New year's coming, right? Hope everything is going well on your side :)
Actually, we are also very busy this month, we are busy with delivery things for our customers before Christmas, and many orders’ manufacturing are being moving forward quicker, that trying to finish production before the Chinese new year.
This week, we just finished production of one turnkey set of 10 HL craft brewing equipment. It based on four vessel structure and with semi auto split control unit as show in below pictures:
* The four vessel brewhouse structure makes it more flexible during brewing, both of Infusion and Decoction mashing are availiable now;
* Two stairs on both end side for easier accessing to platform during brewing;
* All of the brewhouse tanks equipped with glass door for easier checking the brewing condition inside;
1000L craft brewery equipment ready for delivery

1000L craft brewery equipment ready for delivery
* The grain rake inside of the separated lauter tun;
* Both of the Forward and reverse rotating are availiable;
* With auto lifting grain dozer for removing spent grain easily after brewing;
1000L craft brewery equipment ready for delivery
* Total 10sets of 1000L conical beer fermentation tanks included;
All of the fermenters are insulated, jacketed; With manhole on side wall;
1000L craft brewery equipment ready for delivery

Many of our customers plan to sell their first batch of beer at the beginning of summer in the new year, if you also have the same plan, now it is time to prepare everything. Choosing a suitable supplier, discussing more details, starting purchasing plan, manufacturing and delivery things step by step.
Feel free to email me if you need any help! We are always here!
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