Cleaning of brewhouse piping

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Cleaning of brewhouse piping

The importance for brewhouse piping cleaning is giving full play to the mechanical role, for improving the cleaning result. As the flow state has great influence on the cleaning effect. The liquid inside of the piping is easily layered under a low flowing speed, and due to the influence of friction, the flow velocity of the liquid in the pipe changes from the center to the edge, if so, the dirt will be not easily being cleaned. So a higher flowing speed is must needed when cleaning piping for forming the vortices and turbulence.

To ensure a cleaning result, the CIP liquid must with a certain washing power, the value could refer to the chart as below:

Piping diameter Flow speed
DN<50 3~4m/s
50<DN<100 2m/s
100<DN <1.5m/s

The date shows that when cleaning with hot liquid, the inner flowing speed should be kept at 1~1.5m/s. Besides, the cleaning on CO2 and compressed air hose should also be noticed and better cleaning at least 5 times per year.

If there are any tee connection on the straight piping, the flow speed should be reached at least 1.5m/s. So, the beer line especially after sterilization better without tee connection. If have to with it, the connector length better be short enough and close to the main piping for avoiding dead corner. And the cleaning flow direction better opposite to the materiel direction.

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