Defects of beer flavor and its caused reason

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Defects of beer flavor and its caused reason

1.Coarse taste
The content of polyphenols is too high and the degree of polymerization of polyphenols is too high;The brewing water is too hard and the pH value is high;The malt has a thick husk, or the malt is crushed too fine, and the wort is filtered for a long time;
Excessive washing;Old hops, unreasonable hop storage such as long time and high storage temperature;Saccharification time is too long at higher temperatures;
Beer oxidation, beer pH is too high, etc.The bitterness is not correct, and the bitterness is long

2.Excessive content of polyphenols and high degree of polymerization of polyphenols;
The hardness of the saccharified water is too high, and the pH value is too high; the content of some ions is too high;Malted rice washes too much;
Wort has insufficient boiling strength and high solid nitrogen content;
The hops are stale, the hops are added too much, or the method and time of hops are not suitable;The wort is boiled for too long, resulting in the oxidative decomposition of iso-α-acids:
Wort coagulum is not well separated;Fermentation is not vigorous, bitter blister separation is incomplete or no separation at all;Bitter taste of autolyzed yeast;Oxidation of beer, etc.

3. Phenol or other chemical smell
Water immersion in wheat with phenol, chlorophenol and free chlorine, saccharification, often causes beer to have this flavor;Washing the sterilization equipment with free chlorine or phenolic detergents and sterilants will not clean the pipes;Contaminate wild yeast or bacteria.

4.Also called oxidized taste, it presents bread taste, germicidal taste, cardboard taste and so on.
The content of dissolved oxygen in beer is too high, amino acids are decomposed, alcohols are oxidized to aldehydes and ketones; fatty acids are oxidized, and lipid enzymes are decomposed. After bottling, it has a high oxygen content and is susceptible to oxidation after sterilization; and the oxidized taste becomes stronger as the beer is stored longer.

5.Rice flavor
Mainly due to the diacetyl content of beer exceeding its taste threshold (below 01mg / L), immature beer has this taste;Beers contaminated with Sarcina have a strong diacetyl taste.
Rotten back grass

6.Yeast metabolites, mainly acetaldehyde
They are usually produced when the acetaldehyde content exceeds 15 mg / L, and sometimes the acetaldehyde content is less than 9 mg / L.

7.Burnt flavor
Scorched malt or rye malt due to improper drying temperature treatment or heating method of saccharification equipment.

Caused by infection with lactic acid bacteria, acetic acid bacteria and other miscellaneous bacteria

9. Musty
The mold of the raw materials or the mildew of the softwood used causes the moldy taste of beer, and some flavor substances can also show the moldy taste.

10.Wheat Flavor
Malt's husk is thick and pulverized too finely; saccharified mash has a higher temperature for too long; too high a pH value; excessively washed lees and so on.

11.Tasteful and thick
High dextrin content; low fermentation bottom; too high higher alcohol content.
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