Fermentation Degree

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Fermentation Degree

The sugar in the wort is broken down by the yeast,it could generate the ethyl alcohol and CO2 and other fermentation by-product.Because the specific gravity (SG) of sugar ,amino acid and mineral salt is higher than water,as fermenting going,sugar will be replaced by the low SG CO2 and ethyl alcohol.So that the wort SG will grow to be lower gradually,also could say the concentration of the extract will grow lower gradually.

I.Fermenting degree

Fermenting degree refer to the drop percentage of the extract in the beer.Because of different type beer,so its wort compounds and used yeast is also different,so its fermenting degree is also different.The fermenting degree reflect exact degree of assimilation of yeast to sugar,it shows the amount of the extract in the wort has been fermentated,usually use V as mark.Fermenting formula as below

V=(Original Gravity-Final Gravity)/Original Gravity x100%

II. Appearance fermentation degree(Vs)

During the primary fermentation degree,utilize the saccharimeter to measure the concentration of extract to get the fermentation degree which and calculated fermentation degree is named with Appearance fermentation degree.

III. Real fermentation degree(Vw)


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