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Fermenting temperature control

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Fermenting temperature control

The bottom fermenting temperature is usually controlled at 5-8°C.The low fermenting temperature is controlled around 7.5-9.0°C .The high fermenting temperature is controlled around 10-13°C.When finishing the fermenting,its temperature is usually controlled at 4-5°C,it require to cool down the fermenter temperature,making the yeast collected together and subside,it needs only to keep a certain density yeast about (5-10x)10^6 cell/ml,mainly it could be convenient for second fermenting and Diacetyl reduction.There is no a definite bound,actually its fermenting temperature is average lower than the top fermenting.
For the beer fermenting,if the temperature is low 13°C degree,there is no much difference for the yeast metabolic process,all could brew the high quality beer.If the temperature is a little lower,it could reduce the lipid,higher alcohols,H2S,(CH3)2S etc.substance form,it also reduce the diacetyl amount,so that it could make the beer flavor more better,beside the foam looks more better,it is suitable for the light beer fermenting;If the temperature is a little higher,fermenting time is short,the equipment utilization will be high,and it will be more economic,but mostly the more high fermenting temperature will have influence on the beer taste and quality.

When go on cooling down the temperature to 0--- -1°C,it is convenient for low temperature storage,so that it could be helpful for the beer clear and CO2 saturation,or that it will extend the storage date.

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Fermenter control

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