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Fruit Beer
With summer coming, the supermarket has been full with all kinds of fruits, like cherry, peach, grape, watermelon and so on. Many brewmasters must start to brew various fruit beer as summer seasonal beer.

In general, fruit beer has full-bodied fruit aroma and rich nutrition, so it is greatly liked by youngster and women etc.

Making a good fruit beer doesn’t require any special or extra equipment and procedures as the use of fruit is very simple. Fruit can be added at many different brewing stages, such as adding juice when the wort is cooled in heat exchanger then going to fermenter for fermenting and maturing together, or adding juice into
fermenter to mix fermented beer directly etc. All of them are called fruit beer. Surely, when to add fruit juice will influence the extraction of sugar, beer flavors, aromas and color etc.

The most common worry the brewers have when brewing first fruit beer is contamination of the beer with microorganisms from the fruit. In practice, this rarely happens. 

Fruit beer history: In the past, fruits are not very common even banded to be added into beer in some countries, such as Germany where fruit beer is not allowed from 1516 to 1987. In United Kingdom, although the brewers can use fruit in some of their beers, but there is not traditional fruit beer there. On the contrary, in Belgium and United Sates, the use of fruit has a long history. Both law and tradition are allowed to use fruit. And most of brewpubs and breweries provide fruit beers. Particularly, they do prefer to add cherry and peach etc to their lambic.

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