How to prevent turbidity of finished beer

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How to prevent turbidity of finished beer

The reasons for the turbid precipitation are discussed and appropriate measures can be taken. Such as:

1. Strengthen the process control of malt quality and saccharification process. The dissolved malt is selected to adjust the pH of the mash (proteolytic stage) 5.2-5.5, the boiled wort pH 5.1-5.4, and the wort hot coagulation nitrogen <2.0 mg/l.

2. Shorten the wort cooling time to reduce the oxidation of the wort at 90-95 °C.

3. Fully eliminate the cold coagulum of wort.

4. Do a good job in fermentation and sanitation, so as not to cause pollution of harmful bacteria in beer.

5. Fermentation, diacetyl reduction is completed, yeast is eliminated in time, and yeast autolysis is reduced.

6. Appropriate age of beer. The beer temperature is lowered before filtration, and the mature fermentation broth is cold-treated to precipitate the cold coagulated protein.

7. Reduce the bottleneck air of the filling, vacuum and fill the carbon dioxide; high pressure water or carbon dioxide to stimulate the foam, and discharge the top air.

8. Master the certain PU value of pasteurization of finished beer, sterilize and spray even water, no dead angle.

9. Beer is stored at a low temperature to reduce shock.

10. Reduce dissolved oxygen in the beer.

11. Other suitable methods.

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