How to protect beer from external factor affecting

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How to protect beer from external factor affecting

In addition to brewing techniques, there are also many external factors affecting beer quality and stability, such as temperature, time, light and mechanical vibration etc.

The beer should be stored with low temperature. Beer aging speed will be double for each 10℃ rise in temperature. So, it is necessary to control the external temperature strictly during storing and transporting in order to 100% guarantee there is not aging flavor when consumers drinks. In laboratory, the aging degree can be reflected by measuring aniline amount.

The beer would produce MBT if exposing light with 350-500nm. The MBT has bad sulphur smell. Its flavor threshold is lower than 0.0001mg/L and it is generated by dissimilation of α-acid in hops, which is harmful for beer flavor. So, the beer would have bad smell with sun or fluorescent lamp exposure. Brown bottle has best photophobism, next is green bottle. The white bottle is not recommended.

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We should decrease the storing time of beer and had better drink fresh beer. In current market, the beer sale period can not exceed 2 months usually, particularly in summer. Besides, the beer sales should observe first-in first-out.

4.Mechanical vibration
Mechanical vibration would break colloidal stability and speed up beer aging. In summer, the beer filled in bottles is always loaded into truck directly. After pasteurization, the beer temperature is often around 30℃. Plus long time transportation, it will speed up beer aging and affect beer stability seriously.

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