How to separate hot break efficiently in whirlpool tun?

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How to separate hot break efficiently in whirlpool tun?

As we all know, the whirlpool tun of brewhouse is designed to separate hot break from wort. The final goal is turbidity<10EBC and solid particles<25mg/L. If the hot break is totally separated, there would be a obvious mound forming in whirlpool tun. So, in order to realize the above goal, the following factors must be taken into account.

1.Heating time of wort
The heating time can not be too long, which had better be under 60 minutes from boiling end to pumping into whirlpool tun until standing end.

2.Transfer of hot wort
A.The hot wort transfer should be gentle and smooth enough so as not to cavitate. Otherwise, the shear force would smash the hot break seriously.
B.The pump speed of hot wort can not be too high, less than 5m/s. In general, lower pump speed had be able to have wort whirlpool.
C.When the hot wort is pumped into whirlpool tun, we should turn off the pump immediately to prevent air from getting in.

3.Pumping out of hot wort
The hot wort normally needs to stand for 20-40 minutes in whirlpool tun, 20 minutes at least. There are two or more outlets on the side wall of whirlpool tun. After wort standing ends, please pump the wort from highest outlet firstly, then lower outlets in turn. When the wort level is close to hot break mound, please adjust pump speed finely to make sure it is slower than wort effusing speed from hot break mound. Or the hot break mound might slide down then runs into heat exchanger with wort, which would cause blocking. By the way, hop pallet helps to form stable hot break mound and decrease beer loss.

4.Improve whirlpooling
If the hot wort pump capacity is too weak or the design of whirlpool tun is not reasonable, it would result in bad whirlpooling effect. In this case, we can add an extra circulation pump and use this pump to circulate the wort for 5 minutes more. It can improve whirlpooling effect efficiently.

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