Identification and evaluation of fragrant hops and bitter hops

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Identification and Evaluation of Fragrant Hops and Bitter Hops
The difference between hop varieties is the growth form, the growth vigor, the maturity of the morning and evening, the high yield of the yield, the content of α-acid, the composition of the hop oil, the ability to resist various pests and diseases, etc. As for the identification of fragrant flowers and bitter flowers, In addition to the determination of α-acid, it can be identified and classified according to the content of certain components.
The traditional difference between bitter and fragrant flowers is obvious. The newly cultivated varieties are mostly high α-acid varieties or varieties between bitter and fragrant, but can still be identified and classified by the following methods:
(1) Judging from the content ratio of α-acid and β-resin, α-acid/β-resin >1 is generally bitter type hop, and α-acid/β-resin <1 is generally fragrant type hop.

(2) The content of comfrey in fragrant hops generally accounts for less than 25% of the α-acid content, or even lower. The bitter hops generally account for more than 30% of the α-acid, or even higher, and the humulone Isomerization, bitter taste is rough, the brewer likes to use hops with low humulone, the ratio of humulone to valerone can also identify the variety, the highest ratio is better.

(3) The content of polyphenols and sesquiterpene oxides of fragrant flowers is higher than that of bitter flowers, while the content of α-acids is lower than that of bitter flowers, from polyphenols/α-acid ratio or sesquiterpene oxides/α - The ratio of acid ratio can also identify bitter flowers and fragrant flowers.

(4) The epoxide of valerene is one of the main sources of hops, and the content of valerene in fragrant flowers is generally higher than that of bitter flowers. The hop quality can also be evaluated from the ratio of the content of valerene to caryophyllene in sesquiterpenes, and the ratio is higher.

(5) Different hop varieties have different peak shapes of hop oil. The same variety, regardless of its origin and climatic conditions, its peak shape of hop oil is basically similar, according to which the variety can be identified.
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