Proper Noun in Brewing Process---Mash out

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Proper Noun in Brewing Process---Mash out

1. What is mash out?
Mash out is a proper noun for beer brewing, so it is not easy to understanding its meaning from “Mash” and “Out”. In short, it is a method to raise mash’s temperature to 76-78℃ before lautering. It can be done by using its own steam heating or by adding hot water.

2. Why do we need to perform mash out?
Under 76-78℃ temp condition, the enzymatic activity is stopped, the grain bed becomes loosen and the wort becomes more fluid. It can avoid stuck lautering and sparging efficiently. The principle is very similar with the honey. In winter, or when you put the honey into refrigerator for some days, you would found that it would crystallize gradually. On the contrary, in summer, or when you store it with higher temperature, it becomes much more fluid.

3. Is it necessary to do mash out for all of beers?
Not all of beers’ brewing process request mash out. It is only used in a thicker mash or a mash composed of more than 25% of wheat or oats etc.

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