Remove Hot Trub and Cold Trub Prior to Fermentation

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Remove Hot Trub and Cold Trub Prior to Beer Fermentation

After boiling, the boiled wort contains a large amount of hot trub which is formed during the boiling process due to denaturation and solidification of protein, and oxidative polymerization of polyphenolic substance. It is divided into hot trub and cold trub according to the temperature of precipitation.

The hot trub must be removed prior to fermentation process. Incomplete removal of the trub may causes many problems because once thermal trub suspended in the fermentation broth is adsorbed by the yeast cells, it will affect the normal fermentation and sedimentation of the yeast. In addition, hot trub can cause bitterness, protein turbidity prematurely, and increase difficulty on filtering. Besides, it will also effect taste of the recovered yeast.
The cold trub is a cloudy coagulum formed during cooling wort. When the wort cools, the protein will condense for the second time. Therefore, the cold trub is a complex compound which is mainly composed of protein and polyphenolic substances. And its properties are basically the same as those of cold turbidity produced by beer. And heating can make it dissolve again.
If these proteins could not be removed, they may bring turbidity and flavor problems, causing unpleasant bitterness in beer. In addition, it will also have a large effect on beer fermentation, so most of cold trub should be removed before fermentation.
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