The factors which can influence beer taste stability

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The factors which can influence beer taste stability

The beer taste stability can influence by many process factors. Expect for malt and wort quality, complete brewing process is important, for example:

1)Malt Varieties
Malt quality can influence by variety, origin, seasons, and climate etc. And malt quality defect will result in wort composition is not reasonable, finally result in beer stability is poor.

2)Malting Process, which include oxygen content when germinated, dry stage etc.
Lower oxygen content , lower languor temperature and long time languor process is can get higher beer taste stability.

3)Malt Components, higher ophiopogon components is good for beer taste.

4)Mashing Process, which include feeding temperature, mash PH value, oxygen influence

5)Wort Boiling: Adopt increase and reduce pressure turn over boiling method, it is good for remove the substances which is harmful for beer taste.

6)After process for wort, it is better for beer to stay 30 minutes in KWT.

7)Yeast Process, which include yeast quality, improve yeast quality measures, strength yeast effect after management.

8)The finish beer oxygen content

9)External factors which include temperature, light, time, mechanical vibration etc.

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