The factors which can influence raw material utilize efficiency

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The factors which can influence raw material utilize efficiency

Brewhouse efficiency is meant to percent of leachate amount after wort boiling compare with malt feeding amount. The real brewhouse efficiency normally at 74%-79%, while ideal brewhouse efficiency normally at 79%-82%. The raw material utilize efficiency is the percent of real brewhouse efficiency compare with ideal brewhouse efficiency. Normally, the raw material utilize efficiency at 98%-99.5%. The main factors which can influence raw material utilize efficiency as follows:

1)Raw material.
The malt character have big influence to the mashing yield efficiency. If the malt have good solubility, the efficiency will higher; high malt water content, the efficiency will lower; malt protein content high, the efficiency also is lower. Besides the thickness of husk、gum substance、excipient starch content also have influence to yield efficiency.

2)Crush degree.
If malt and excipient over crude after crushing, which will influence content leaching, thus with lower yield efficiency.

3)Mashing efficiency.
With more longer mashing time, more higher yield efficiency; decoction mashing method have higher efficiency then infusion mashing method; higher malt:water ratio, which good for content leaching, thus with higher yield efficiency; mashing temperature over low or high, both can influence yield efficiency, when temperature at 65-70℃, it can get higher efficiency.

4)Wort lautering.
The factors of equipment have: false bottom not well installation, result in lauter and sparing not uniform; grain rake have defect, which make spent grain partial agglomeration or loosen not well; not effect lautering surface; bad temperature keeping. The factors of process have: over speed pumping mash, make mash distribution not uniform; husk over crushed, which result in filter difficulties; when start lautering, wort outlet valve over open adn result in spent grain compressed, thus lauter and sparge difficult; pump water from bottom over times, make sparging not fully and much sugar rest; sparging water temperature over high or low, which influence sparing efficiency; sparging times and sparing water not control well, make residual sugar high.

5)Wort boiling.
Try to improve boiling strength, as the condensate water is small with lower boiling strength, the wort density should not too lower, which make sparge water consumption have limitations, thus influence yield efficiency.

6)Human factors.
Mashing process is build on the basis of enzyme, so only control temperature、time and PH etc well, it can make the enzyme work well to increase raw material utilize efficiency. So the workers need to carry operating process strictly.

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