The technical points of single stage cooling

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The technical points of singe stage cooling

A.The wort temperature at inlet around 95℃.

B.The wort cooling time would better control within 1 hour, longer cooling time will influence utilize efficiency of whirlpool tank and wort quality.

C.The pumping pressure of wort and glycol at 0.1 - 0.15 Mpa.

D.The consumption ratio of wort to glycol at 1: (1.2-1.4).

E.The temperature of cleaning and sterilization water at 85℃ - 90℃;caustic cleaning liquid at 75℃ - 80℃.

F.The sterilization time recirculating 20 - 30min by pump.

G.Cooling medium - glycol water temperature 3℃ - 4℃.

Glycol preparation: The city water pumping into evaporator, and cooing down to 3℃ - 4℃, then recycling into glycol water tank for spare using. The evaporator adopt multi stage heat exchanger with manifold type. The pipe inside is used for water, cooling medium evaporation from the piping. It is necessary to avoid freezing when preparing glycol water, water flow speed should higher 0.8m/s, the evaporation pressure control within 0.2- 0.3 Mpa.

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