What causes beer spewing?

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What causes beer spewing?

Friends, did you suffer such trouble that the beer spews suddenly after opening the cap? It is really terrible. If serious, the beer loss can reach 1/3 of total volume. And it must also bring inconvenience to drinker more or less. So, here, let us learn together what causes beer spewing so that we can avoid this trouble better when using beer brewing equipment to brew beer again.

If the malt for brewing beer is harvested under a humid climate or the malt absorbs amount of water during storage, it is likely to be contaminated by various mycete. These mymete would produce polypeptide then causes beer spewing.

Some components of hops is also possible to result in beer spewing, such as humulone, deputy hops ketone, derivative of humulus scandens etc.

During beer fermenting, there might be some modified peptides producing which would cause beer spewing as well. At the same time, some trace metal element would combine with isocompound of hops to cause beer spewing further.

If the maturation pressure is too high and the beer temperature during filling is too low, it would make the beer have a mass of CO2. In addition, some possible human behaves would affect beer spewing as well, such as intense shocking etc. If so, the CO2 with beer must spew once opening the cap.

5.Chemical reaction
The beer consists of a certain Oxalate crystals, metallic elements which is able to have chemical reactions with organic acid, and dissolved bad gas. These components can make simple mixing with beer. In this case, after opening cap, amount of gas with beer would spew.

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