What effect wort concentration

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What effect wort concentration

Mash concentration is an important factor we need consider in beer brewing, so, why wort concentration is important? Let’s discuss wort concentration together.

I: What effect wort concentration
Wort concentration depends on ratio of malt to water, which decides concentration of first wort. Normally, we could got 20 P first beer with 100Kg malt and 300kg water.
For expected ratio in mash tun, thick mash is beneficial for dissolve of protein, so, we usually make ratio of malt to water in mash tun 1:3.5. While if auxiliary ingredient is necessary, the ratio of auxiliary ingredient is usually controlled in 1:5.0 to make mash thin, which is in favour of starch liquidation.

II: Several point we need note for wort concentration

1)More thick the mash, more stable the enzyme to bear temp, accordingly, enzyme reaction will be lower.
If mash concentration in 8-16P, it is workable for enzyme. While if wort concentration over 16P, that will lower the enzyme reaction. So, it is better to make first wort concentration within 16P for light beer, while enhance first wort concentration to 18-20P for dark beer.

2)Wort concentration effects mash extractum and yield.
If mash is too thick, there is higher remaining sugar, which effect mash yield. If mash is too thin, sparging water will use less, hard to clean thoroughly, also effect wort yield.

3)Mash concentration is different when brewing light beer and dark beer. 
For light beer, thin mash is reasonable, and ratio is usually 1:(4~5) with less sparging water. The concentration difference between first wort and final wort is small.
For dark beer, thick mash is necessary, and ratio is usually 1:(3~3.5) with more sparging water, the concentration difference between first wort and final wort will be bigger.

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