What is cold break

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What is cold break

Cold break is a catch-all name of precipitate produced in wort cooling process. Although cold break start to form at 70℃~55℃, most of cold break form in wort cooling. Consisting of mainly protein and polyphenol, cold break could be dissolved in heating.

I.Volume and character
Diameter of cold break is usually between 0.5~1.0μm, and its  composition depends, normally, on the character of malt. As these cold break is really small, it is hard to settle down, and easy to adhere to other particle, such as yeast or bubble. That will hinder the yeast work with wort, fermenting speed will be lower. So, it is better to remove cold break out of wort.

II.What effect cold break volume
There is mainly following factors effecting cold break form:
1. Protein content and solubility
If protein content is low and hard to dissolve, cold break form less

2.Use of auxiliary ingredient
If additional auxiliary ingredients is added, cold break form less

3.Malt crushing
If malt is not crushed fine, and bulky grain is lot, cold break form less

4.Mash concentration
If mash is too thin, cold break will form less

5.Wort gravity
High gravity wort form more cold break than low gravity wort

6.Hops adding and boil time
If hops is added less and boil time short, cold break will be less

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