What is the solid beer?

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What is the solid beer?

When coming to beer, what we all know is bottle or can beer. Also, the beer is likely to be sold from tank to cup directly in some brewpubs and microbrewery etc in order to guarantee 100% freshness. But, A few of people know solid beer. Here, let us learn together what the solid beer is. 

Solid beer is also known as instant beer. Its manufacturing principle is similar with instant coffee. Firstly, you need to get ordinary beer via traditional brewing method. Secondly, transfer the beer to high pressure tank with low temperature. Thirdly, make the beer pass through a thin polyurethane film which has semipermeability, then most of moisture would be filtered and get some slurry. Fourthly, evaporate these slurry. After above four procedures, you have got solid beer. These solid beer can be crushed to “beer crystal”. And we can find and buy beer crystal easily in supermarkets. As long as adding a certain of water, a big cup great beer has been done already. In brewpub, you can also change water to soda water. The final beer will be with CO2, color and taste, which is totally same with bottle and can beer brewed by traditional way.

Solid beer includes various types, such as sweet solid beer, bitter solid beer and No-alcohol solid beer etc. As Solid beer is very easy and convenient to transport, store and sale etc, so it is very popular and salable.

In addition, one laboratory in Denmark uses barley and hop as ingredients to get powder beer via special process. They add water&CO2 or Soda water to powder beer, then filling them to bottle, then sterilize. After that, they get special bottle beer which tastes and looks very similar with common beer, but it does not have alcohol and is more light. Powder beer is also convenient to transport and store, so it can save transportation cost efficiently. And the powder beer can be manufactured intensively, then be distributed and sale to different regions.

Hope this thread is helpful for you to understand the solid beer. If you have any ideas to share with us, please do not hesitate to tell us. We look forward to talking together.

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