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Gammelbacka Bryggeri AB in Sweden
Gammelbacka Bryggeri AB is located in Gammelbackavägen 669151 Karlskoga. Sauna is also aviable here, imaging to drinking beer when sauna in winter. I will way wow. The owner Tony is professional in beer brewing, he was in hombrewing for 3 years, he finally built this 500L brewery in 2016, cheers.
His home brewery
His 500L brewery system, very nice beer brewing line
Here I take you learn more about this project
Part I: Brewery starting consulting, proposal communication and customized brewery system layout and tank drawing via email and call.
During this process, we confirm the specification and configuration of brewery system:
The main configurations mainly include:
300-500KG/H completely stainless steel Miller
0.5T/H Auger
500L Grist hopper
500L Two vessels brewhouse: 500L mash/lauter tun, 500L kettle/whirlpool tun
500L Hot water tank
5x1000L fermentation tanks
2x1000L brite beer tanks
Control panel: brewhouse and fermentation control panel
Cleaning tank: Alkali tank and sterile water tank
Part II: Manufacturing of 500L beer brewing system

Part III: Visiting and check the ready system of 500L beer brewing system

Tony is a very nice man, kind and humorous father:-)
Part IV: Shipping of 500L beer brewing system
All brewery system are loaded and shipped in one 40 feet high cube container

Part V: Unloading of 500L beer brewing system

Part VI: Installation of 500L beer brewing equipment

Part VII: Beer from Gammelbacka Bryggeri AB
Many kinds taste beer from Gammelbacka Bryggeri AB

Nice beer bottles

Hot beer business in Gammelbacka Bryggeri AB

Gammelbacka Bryggeri AB welcome your visiting and taste beer.

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Thanks and welcome your inquiry.

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