10HL coppeer brewery equipment for sale

Micro Brewery Equipment fermenter

10 HL Copper brewery equipment for sale

Brief introduction
Brewery Equipment is typically applied to breweries that are much smaller than large-scale corporate beer equipment and are independently owned, but larger than breweries for restaurant, bars etc., as it distributes beer to local restaurants and bars, parties etc. To run a professional beer brewing equipment and get suitable margin from this kind of business model, we suggest to start from 1000L/brew capacity minimum that concerning both the budget limitation and expanding capacity in future. Also 2000L-3000L beer equipment are common to see for a little larger business.
The Stainless Steel beer brewery system is more professionally functional and concerns more details to brew in a more smart way, trying to decreasing the factors that may affect the brewing speed or beer flavors.

Most basic brewing process for turnkey brewery equipment:
Milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, whirlpool, fermentation, maturing, cooling, temperature controlling, cleaning, beer filling
Quick overview of 10HL Copper Brewery Equipment for Sale

Output/Brew 10 HL
Brew/day 1-2
Output/Week 1000L-10000L/week based on different configuration
Electric Supply 3phase/380(220, 415,440…)v/50 (60)Hz
Heating Source Electric (Optional Direct fire/steam)
Area Request >60M2
Brewmaster 1
Mashing method Infusion,multi-step infusion
Output/Brew 1000L
Main configuration of 10 HL Copper Brewery Equipment for Sale

Main brewing system
Main specification
Brewhouse unit
Mash/lauter/Whirlpool tun              
10 HL
25% head space,
Steam heating with insulation
False bottom,
Spent grain outlet
CIP, sight glass.
Tangential inlet.
Kettle tun
10 HL
30% head space,
Steam heating with insulation
Steam condenser,
Wort outlet and trub outlet
Wort pump 3T/hr, Sanitary
Hot liquor pump 3T/hr, Sanitary
Plate heat exchanger
Two stages
Connected with wort aeration device
Work platform Disassemble,
Wort grant
Pneumatic valve
Wort flow meter
Sterile air compressor
Fermentation unit
Fermentation tank
10 HL/20HL
25% head space,
Jacketed and insulated
Conical bottom,
Pressure valve, relief valve
CO2 relief valve
Coolant inlet and outlet
Sample valve
Side manway
Top, Dry Hopping Port
CIP connections
Wort inlet and yeast outlet
Racking arm
Temperature and pressure gauges
Bright beer tank
20 HL
20% head space,
Jacketed and insulated
Dished head&bottom
Pressure valve, relief valve
Site Glass level
Carbonation stone assembly
Sample valve
Side manway
Fill/drainage port
CIP connections
Temperature and pressure gauges
Jacketed and single wall tanks
Glycol cooling system
Glycol cooling tank
Top manway
CIP arm and spray ball 360 degree of coverage
Cold liquor tank (OPTIONAL)
Top manway
CIP arm and spray ball 360 degree of coverage
Visual level sight glass
Cooling jackets
Chiller Second generation
Freon R410A, R404A
Glycol water pump and piping  
Controlling unit
Brewhouse control panel
Temperature monitoring& controlling
Pump on/off control
VFD control
Cellar control panel
Temperature monitoring& controlling
More controllers reversing for expansion available
Cleaning unit
Alkali tank 100L
Electric heating
Sterile tank 100L
Pump and piping  
Optional items: Beer filter, Keg filling system, Bottle filling system
Steam boiler, Water filter, Kegs, Malt transfer (grain auger)
Customized requirement acceptable
Contact us immediately to get latest specification and price of 1000L commercial turnkey brewery equipment. 

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