5 BBL microbrewery system started beer brewing in US

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5 BBL microbrewery system started beer brewing in US
Those who have their own pub, bar or brewreies know now is a tough time to be a business owner. Less people could go to the public places and enjoy the craft beer freely due to the pandemic all over the world. But there are still some people are trying to moving forward to their brewing dream, a new micro brewery was opened recently in US recently.
There is a 5 barrel microbrewery system being used in this new brewery. It is a simple two vessel microbrewing equipment with total 4 sets fermentation tanks and 2 sets brite tanks.

5 BBL microbrewery system started beer brewing in US
The installation space is a little bit limited, so we designed the HLT with smaller diameter to fit the building on site.
The platform was designed with a bigger area, then the brewer could access to the brewhouse control unit that was installed on the wall behind.
5 BBL microbrewery system started beer brewing in US
This set of micro brewing system was manufactured on the year 2018, it reallytook some time to get the installation building ready. Though it is not a perfect time for opening, the owner of this brewery looked at this as “now or never”. Finally the risk paid off, they sold 700 of their 32-oz growlers.
5 BBL microbrewery system started beer brewing in US
They are offering beer online for those who want to stay socially distant. Sincerley hope their business is getting better and better!
If you also plan to establish your own beer brewery, please feel free to contact us.
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