Pressure Drop Brewing in USA--2000L brewery equipment in NewYork

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2000L brewery equipment installed in NewYork,USA
The brewhouse is twe vessels which includes mash tun&lauter tun and kettle&whirlpool tun. 6000L hot water tank is designed in plateform together with brewhouse vessels. 1500L grain hopper mounted on top of mash tun can hold about 500kg-600kg malts. The mash unit system utilize steam heating with low pressure steam boiler. Low pressure steam boiler is popular in USA,so that require the mash unit tanks having big size steam inlet and a little bigger steam jackets.So mash&lauter tun, kettle&whirlpool tun and hot water tank has the heating function. Pipe manifold, hopback, wort grant with Negel level sensor, pump with VFD are included as standard. There are two flow meters equipped along the pipe line. One is used for measuring mashing water use,sparging water use,tank washing use etc.,the other flow meter is installed on the pipe after wort heating exchanging,which could measure how much volume wort(beer) will get .Some countries do the tax for the beer selling,so it has to be installed to measure the wort/beer which goes into the fermenter.Fermentation tanks and brite beer tanks are all single size.
The owner of the brewery is  Karl Kolbe and Lexi Craine,Karl was living in California (for 13 years), where he was working for a large brewery, while brewing his own beer on the side. Like a lot of other brewing enthusiasts, one day he got the bug to start his own commercial operation.
Brewery equipment installed in USA


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