How to improve brewhouse efficiency?

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How to improve brewhouse efficiency?

Improving brewhouse efficiency meant to speed up brewhouse tanks turn around, try best possible to shortage occupy time of each vessel to increase malt feeding time per day, especially for those need longer time for example KT or LT etc.

1)Shortage KT occupy time
In most cases, KT is the tank which need longest time will occupy, the total time around will be the time of LT and Wort Boiling, while the real effective time not over than 90-120min. So, it is important to control process well and try not to delay wort boiling time. Besides, the KT occupy time can shortage to 160-190min and turn around 7.5-9 batches if increase extra wort temporary storage tank with heating function to fill the next batch wort and partial sparging wort during KT working.

2)Shortage wort lautering time
The occupy time of LT also is longer, further there have many factors can influence wort lautering,
Sometimes the lautering time can reach 4-5h when meet lautering difficulties, which will influence brewhouse turn around strictly. So it is necessary to master the factors which can influence wort lautering and measures should be taken when lautering difficulties. The LT can turn around 8 times per day if LT occupy time not over 180min. Besides the lautering time only need around 120min if with lauter machine, which can highly improve day feeding times.

3)Speed up turn around of cooker and MT.
The occupy time of cooker and MT is less and few over than 240min, but if we want to make day feeding times reach to above 8 times, the further measures must be taken to shortage cooker and MT occupy time. The specific measures as follows:
①Increase feeding temperature of accessories material at 65-70℃, and adopt high temperature resistant bacteria starch enzyme to replace malt accessories at the same time with boiling mash directly by heat up can shortage heat up and keeping time.
②Adopt one time decoction method, fast mashing method or infusion mashing, which can save much time of mash detach, heat up and mash boiling. In this situation, we have to assure high quality malt with good dissolve.
③Decrease accessories material using amount properly, or adding protease, glucanase or saccharifying enzyme, adopt lower protein rest temperature 45-48℃, which can shortage rest time and mashing time.

Then it is possible to turn around 8-9 times for cooker and MT.

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