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Part 1:
Our first craft beer equipment in USA.
The brewery equipment for CODA is our first one in USA. During building this brewpub beer system, we learned a lot of knowledge about craft brewing. It lays the first stone for our further discovery in craft brewing system. Almost all the improvement has been the common standard from then on. Though we have not met each other after CODA visited our factory, thanks for internet, we always follow their share accross the pacific . It is really happy and excited to know various of beers coming from this microbrewery equipment usa. Let us follow CODA to learn how to starting a microbrewery.
Part 2:
Communication of the microbrewery equipment design.
Numerous lines of text we discussed by email! Understanding each other is very important for a international cooperation, specially for craft beer. It is Collision of ideas and innovation between a brew master and a beer equipment manufacturer. 

Part 3:
Starting the production of this 1000liter brewery equipment.
We finally worked out what we want for this 1000liter brewery equipment in California. Then quickly we contracted and started the production. This place was where we were starting a brewery business. Comparing the present factory, too much memory.

Part 4:
Brewery building construction should be done at the same time.
At the same time, our partners were hard working on the brewpub building. Dig the floor for drainage system, design electric system and water supply system in this brewery according to the brewery design which should be finished in advance before produce the brewery tanks. Don’t forget to let people know you are coming soon!

Part 5:
The brewery system is finished as design.
The whole brewery system has been finished. Really excited! This is a two vessels brewhouse with a hot water tank, steam heated. And there are four single batch beer fermenters and four single batch beer brite tanks. Of course, all other facilities are included like glycol cooling etc.

Part 6:
Installation and commissioning of the brewery equipment.
After hundreds thousands kms journey, this system set foot on America. Welcome! Beer was coming soon after a necessary microbrewery installation and commissioning.

Part 7:
Great experience to build your own microbrewery.
This is what i shared with you for this microbrewery in usa. Build your own microbrewery is really a great experience in the life. It is not only about business, but more about life. Everything in your life become interesting, valuable, open and peace. Ok. It is time to have a cup of beer!

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