1200L Restaurant Beer Manufacturing Equipment

Restaurant Beer Brewing Equipment breweryequipment

1200L Restaurant Beer Manufacturing Equipment
Brief introduction
Beer manufacturing equipment in restaurant is usually not complex, compared with the commercial or independent brewery. The restaurant beer manufacturing equipment just configures the most basic machines including brewhouse, fermentation tank, bright beer tank, glycol cooling system, control system, cleaning system. Usually, the restaurant will devide out an separate space as cellar, but prefer to set the brewhouse where people can see and watch the brewing operation directly, for example behind the big window or the bar counter. The copper kettle is also the first choice for most restaurant brewery project. Beer is served from the taps or kegs that request suitable beer selling tools and sometimes a walk-in cold room.

1200L beer making equipment stainless steel


Quick overview of Restaurant Beer Manufacturing Equipment

Output/Brew 1200L
Brew/day 1-2
Output/Week 1200-10000L/week based on different configuration
Electric Supply 3phase/380(220, 415,440…)v/50 (60)Hz
Heating Source Steam (Optional Direct fire/electric)
Area Request >60M2
Brewmaster 1
Mashing method Decoction,infusion,multi-step infusion

Note: 1hl=100liter; 1Gallon=3.7854liter; 1Barrel (BBL) =117Liter;

Main configuration of 1200L beer making equipment 

Beer manufacturing machine Components Main specification

Brewhouse unit
Mash/lauter tun              
25% head space,
Steam heating with insulation
False bottom,
Spent grain outlet
CIP, sight glass.
Tangential inlet.
Kettle/Whirlpool tun 1200L
30% head space,
Steam heating with insulation
Steam condenser,
Wort outlet and trub outlet,
Tangential inlet.
Hot Liquor Tank
15% head space,
Steam heating with insulation
Level gauge
Hot water recycling port
Wort pump 3T/hr, Sanitary
Hot liquor pump 3T/hr, Sanitary
Plate heat exchanger 12m2
Two stages
Connected with wort aeration device
Work platform Disassemble,
Wort grant
Pneumatic valve
Wort flow meter
Sterile air compressor

Fermentation unit
Fermentation tank
25% head space,
Jacketed and insulated
Conical bottom,
Pressure valve, relief valve
CO2 relief valve
Coolant inlet and outlet
Sample valve
Side manway
Top, Dry Hopping Port
CIP connections
Wort inlet and yeast outlet
Racking arm
Temperature and pressure gauges

Maturation/Storage (OPTIONL)
Bright beer tank 1200L/2400L
20% head space,
Jacketed and insulated
Dished head&bottom
Pressure valve, relief valve
Site Glass level
Carbonation stone assembly
Sample valve
Side manway
Fill/drainage port
CIP connections
Temperature and pressure gauges
Jacketed and single wall tanks

Glycol cooling system
Glycol cooling tank Thermowell
Top manway
CIP arm and spray ball 360 degree of coverage
Cold liquor tank (OPTIONAL)
Top manway
CIP arm and spray ball 360 degree of coverage
Visual level sight glass
Cooling jackets
Chiller Second generation
Freon R410A, R404A
Glycol water pump and piping  

Controlling unit
Brewhouse control panel
Temperature monitoring& controlling
Pump on/off control
VFD control
Cellar control panel Temperature monitoring& controlling
More controllers reversing for expansion available

Cleaning unit
Alkali tank 100L Electric heating
Sterile tank 100L
Pump and piping  

Optional items: Beer filter, Keg filling system, Bottle filling system
Steam boiler, Water filter, Kegs, Malt transfer (grain auger)
Customized requirement acceptable

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