Connection between fermenters and brewhouse

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Connection between fermenters and brewhouse

We have a customer asked a solution to shorten the flowing route of wort from brewhouse to fermentation tanks.

Here is our ideas:

1.Flexible hose:
The most economical and easy way is to utilize a flexible hose to transfer wort from brewhouse to fermenters. But for bigger brewery or if the cellar room is far from the brewhouse, the flexible hose need to be longer and heavier. So it brings more labor for the brewer to move, connect, disconnect and clean the hoses every time.

2.Simplified Pipe Gallery
To help saving labors, there comes the idea of why not connect a fixed pipe between the brewhouse and fermenters. This is necessary configuration in many industrial breweries or big breweries. To utilize this idea into the micro brewery, the design is simplified.
Here is a picture of the simplified that save labor and also not complicated:
A manifold is built near by the fermenters to gather and spread out the wort, beer, CIP etc. Jus like a ranslator. So the brewmaster just need to connect the manifold and fermenters with  flexible hoses for transferring wort, beer, CIP liquid etc.

3.Professional Pipe Gallery
It is to connect all the fermenters, brewhosue and CIP with hard piping.
It is more expensive in cost and the pipe layout is also more complicated.
Besides, the floor should be as flat as possible so the hard piping can fitting without failure at the brewery.
Fermenter corridor

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