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How to chose your false bottom for the brewery

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How to chose your false bottom for the brewery

We are brewery equipment manufacture in China. We all know that the false bottom inside the lauter tun is used to support and form the grain bed, so the wort get filtered by the grain bed.

For the false bottom in lauter tun, here comes two types: one is made from welded stainless steel wires whose cross section is wedge shape. All the welded wires in turn form the ‘wedge’ shape gaps where the wort will flow through. This type had been used in the lauter tun before the year of 2015. Due to the limitation of it’s manufacturing principle, this kind of false bottom has some cons:
1.It has the bigger risk to get rusted as there are hundreds of welding points. There is always some welding points that was not polished or cleaned thoroughly at the false bottom manufacture. They are the sources of rusting.
2.It is not not smooth enough on the surface, so it brings cleaning difficult.
3.As it is formed via welding hundreds of stainless steel wires rather than integrally molded, which is not strong enough.
4.The holes ratio is bigger than the required ratio.

false bottom

false bottom

Since 2015 year, the improved false bottom replaced the previous type.
It is cut by laser on both sides, and thus forms two kinds of gaps on two sides.
The false bottom wire gaps is vertical 'V' shape.
The upper side gap is 0.7mm, and the lower side gap is 1mm.

The cutting edges are very smooth and the gaps sizes are extremely even,
So it is more sanitary and has better filter performance.

And since it is formed by integral molding. It is also stronger.

false bottom

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