The technique of wort boiling

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The technique of wort boiling

The technique of boiling wort is related to boiling time,boiling intensity,adding hops,wort concentration and PH etc.,and wort pumping factors.

I.Boiling time
When the wort is added in to the kettle,it will start to boil the wort.Usually when the wort temperature reach to 100 °C,It will start to calculate the boiling time.Obviously,when calculating the boiling time,it should consider the beer type,brewing technology and quality request.Usually the boiling time is about 70-90min.

II, Boiling intensity
The boiling process could be divided into three process.Preheating, Primary boiling and boiling.
Boiling intensity refer to the amount of evaporation per hour accounted for the percentage of mixed wort,it is usually at 8%-12%.

III, Adding hops
The amount of adding hops during boiling process,after adding hops,theαacid changed to another kind of αacid.It could make the beer with bitterness and aroma.

The adding hops times,it usually adopt three times hops adding.The first time adding after primary boiling about 10 minutes,and after about 20-30minuts boiling,adding the second time hops,before finishing the boiling,adding the third time hops.

The first time to add the bitterness type hops that it could make the αacid could be dissolved into the beer with max degree.And also evaporate some bad harmful substance.
The hops could whole fresh hops,pallet hops and hops extract.

IV, Wort concentration and PH
Primary boiling,boiling and before finishing boiling 10 minutes,it should measure the wort amount and concentration.

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