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Pressured Mash Tun

Just received a question from one customer, asking pressured mash tun. Here is their requirement:
Mash tun: Operating/Design Pressure: 4/6 barOperating/Design Pressure: 4/6 bar
Wen you steam up the mash tun, the tank should keep right pressure in order to keep well balanced temperature all in the tank and fast heating up and less water evaporation.

We do not think mash tun should be pressured at any time. Here are our opinion below.

The MT is non-pressured tank for those reasons:
A.If the brewer take direct-heated step infusion mashing, the temperature should raise around 1-1.5℃ per minute to have an efficient mashing. It is not good to be too fast or too slow. So we do not need to raise the heating speed via increasing the pressure inside the tank. We just need to remain a suitable heating speed via using proper steam boiler only.

B.If the brewer take water-mixed infusion mashing or decoction mashing, then we need to mix water into the mash tun at different mashing stages, or need to pump out part of mash from MT to KT for boiling. Those operation need to be done under non-pressured space.

C.Besides, the mashing process requires stirring (to avoid scorching or help with the temperature mixing). The stirring is also better done under non-pressured situation.

D.The MT is with 80mm insulation layer, the heat will be well remained under non-pressured situation.

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