Principle in propagating yeast

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Principle in propagating yeast

1.Strain condition
It is crucial that fine original strain is used, which need to be tested in characteristic and production capacity. And it could occur contamination and variation.

In order to raise yeast propagation rate and shorten cultivate time, it is better to cultivate yeast at 25℃ in laboratory stage, which is best temp for yeast growth. In later expansion, temp need to be lower accordingly. And with lower of cultivate temp, cultivation time need to be expanded according to dilution ratio.

3.Cultivation time
For shortening yeast growth suspension time and cultivation time, when transplanting yeast at every stage, it is better to transplant yeast at logarithmic phase.

Yeast growth get energy from oxidation of sugar, respiratory action. So, at first stage, there is high content in culture solution, intermittent aeration usually will get better growth result.
And in enlarge cultivation stage, keeping oxygen content of 8-10mg/L is necessary every time the wort is added.

5.Propagation times
In laboratory stage, due to higher cultivation temp and less growth time, 1:10-20 propagation times is available.
In enlarge propagation stage, in order to to keep growth advantage of yeast and strengthen anti-pollution capacity, it is better to keep 1:5 propagation times.

When propagating wort, cold water is usually used. And it is easy to be contaminated when passing through pipe. So, it is necessary to take some measure to avoid contamination.

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