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What should we do if the electricity or gas fails during mashing

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What should we do if the electricity or gas fails during mashing

The brewmasters can arrange everything in advance for the normal electricity and gas failure. However, sometimes, there might be some unforeseeable electricity and gas failure happened by accident. In this case, what should we do? Of course, you should figure out what causes the problem, then recover the power and gas supply as soon as possible. In addition, you can take the following measures at the same time.

1.Electricity failure
As you know, the rake and pump are not able to start under electricity failure. The mash would precipitate if it is not agitated for a long time, then adhere to interior finish which would affect heating efficiency. At this point, please turn down the steam valve and organize workers to agitate mash by clean wooden stick. But please note that turn off the power supply firstly in order to avoid accident with sudden electricity supply. Another solution is using a long tube with amount of holes. Put this tube in mash and connect one side with steam supply. Then the steam would spray from the holes, which can both agitate the mash and heat the mash.

About the pump, we can use manual pump or use a small diesel to start the pump.

2.Gas failure
In case of gas failure, it is not possible to heat the mash by steam directly. If so, we can pump hot water in to mash tun to increase the mash temperature.

Although we can take the above urgent actions with electricity and gas failure, it would affect the beer quality and yield more or less. Therefore, it is much better to avoid unusual electricity and gas failure during brewing.

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