Why my beer tap tower with too much foam?

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Why my beer tap tower with too much foam?

Many of customers may have one problem during beer selling on taps - too much foam produced. So how come you have this question and how to solve it?

There are some small tips that could help to avoid it as below:

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1.Please help to check your beer coupler. Is it Micro - Matic brand? If no, please have a try with the micro matic coupler. Maybe you will get it solved.
2.Generally the foam will be increased if the beer hose exceed 7 meters, so why not trying to shorten the beer line?
3.It would be quite better if it is available to install one Draught Beer Machine under the taps.
4.Modulating the fermenter or brite tank pressure. With 2bar for high pressure supplying; and 0.8bar for low pressure beer supplying
5.Adjusting the beer tap. Please make the beer flowing out under big traffic and slowly reduce it.
6.Improving the beer line to PU or Nylon flexible conduit

But what if we still have foam... Just filling the beer into the kegs, letting the air out and drink it!

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Sales Manager in Tiantai Company
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