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What is hot break in brewing

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What is hot break in brewing

Hot break is insoluble high-molecular-weight nitrogen concretion produced in beer boiling process, which is mainly consist of protein whose diameter is between 30-80μm and polyphenol. In boiling process, as protein change and polyphenol oxidation, hot break will occur gradually and adhere to part of hop resin.

hot break in whirlpool tun

A. Volume of hot break in wort
Based on different boiling condition, the hot break in wort is also different. In boiling, more hot break occur, more stable wort. The volume of hot break is usually 200-400g/hl.

B. What effect hot break volume
1.nitrogen volume and malt dissolution
Normally, more nitrogen in wort, more thorough of malt dissolution. Therefore, more hot break occurs.
2.Mashing method
If feeding temp is lower, mash is boiled more sufficient, the hot break will be less. So, it means hot break in decotion brewing is lower than infusion brewing.
3.Other small factors such as boiling time after adding hops, ph of wort, hops resin volume...

C. Could it be kept in beer?
No. It is better to remove out the hot break from wort totally. Because, once hot break is adhered to the yeast, hot break will effect the normal work of yeast, such as fermenting and settle down. Besides, hot break will also bring deep color and bitter taste to beer, making foam and taste bad stability.

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