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Steam condenser in microbrewery

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Steam condenser in microbrewery

The steam vapor here we refer to the micro brewery under 2000L. The vapor steam will be produced during boiling in microbrewery The vapor rate is normally 8-10% quantity of the kettle volume. For example, for a 1000L kettle, around 80l-100l water will become steam and come out of the kettle. Normally the vapor-steam will be vent directly outside the brewing room. But some breweries are not allowed to vent directly by the local government. Then they will have to use the steam condenser.

steam condenser in microbrewery
steam condenser drawing

Work principle:
1)On one hand, the cold water is sprayed face down, so there will cause a negative pressure in the spray area, so the vapor steam which is gathered at the elbow corner will be ‘drag down’ . This is same principle as the venturi tube.
2)On the other hand, the cold water will cool down the vapor steam during it is falling down inside.

The steam condenser is used for condensing the vapour steam during boiling.
Facility prepared by customer:
-Tap water with pressure of 2-3 bars.
-Hard piping to connect tap water source onto the water inlet of the steam condenser to spray water with pressure.
-Hose or bulk to drain away or collect the condensed water, it will be connected with the draining port of the condenser unit.

Water consumption:
We had made a test before, we used a 1000l kettle, and the tap water pressure is 3bars.
We used a small vessel to hold the condensed water under the condenser, and it holds around 7 liters water per minute, so we got 420L condensed water per boiling hour for the 1000L system. For the 2000L system, we estimate that the total water consumption could be around 1000L per boiling hour. This is a reference.

Tips& Application:
-If any possible, we always recommend a direct vent as it is most efficient and water saving.
-If steam condenser is must, then we recommend to applicant it on brewhouse under 2000L.
-The condensed water can not be used as brewing water again. It is normally drained away or be collected and filtered for other using: cleaning, irrigation etc.

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